About Us

Tasteful technology, one NOM at a time.

The people behind Butter Co.

“With technology and innovation, anyone can be a chomp-ion!”

Cocoa Chanterelle

Cocoa Chanterelle, the founder of Butter Co., is a culinary prodigy revered by restaurateurs all over the world. She is renowned in the culinary industry for incorporating technology into her dishes with avant-garde techniques such as molecular gastronomy.

After observing that her restaurants dispose of staggering amounts of salvageable food at the end of each day, Cocoa sought to find a use for the food that would inevitably be thrown out. Upon witnessing an impromptu food fight at a cafe she then frequented, Cocoa developed her very first NOM that used leftover food as ammunition to create the sport now known as Culinary Combat.

Seeing how eager people were to compete as an outlet for their frustrations, she started Butter Royale to give everybody a taste of victory!

“Welcome to Butter Royale! Let’s get cooking!”

Cesar Salads

The host of Butter Royale, Cesar Salads, was once a prolific television salesman, famous for his infomercials advertising kitchen tools and gadgets. As the sport of Culinary Combat gained popularity, he was poached by Butter Co. to become the voice of Butter Royale, enthralling audiences with his fresh commentary, persuasive speech and corny jokes.

His friendly demeanour has helped calm the nerves and cheer on the hundreds of contestants in Butter Royale.

Join us in Butter Royale now!